Gruppe 11 was initiated in May 2011, when 9 students from Bergen National Academy of the Arts received their BFA in Photography. Eager to maintain their affiliation as a group, they created the artist collective Gruppe 11. The group functions as a platform for making art through exhibitions, publications and live events.
This website aims to present works on display in Gruppe 11's collective exhibitions and projects. For further information about the individual artists, please click on the desired name below.
Founded in may 2011
The 9 members of Gruppe 11 are situated in various cities
2008-2011   BFA, Bergen National Academy of the Arts
2021 Heimkomst, Gyldenpris Kunsthall, Bergen (NO)

2017 In the Name of the People, Bodø Kunstforening (NO)
2017 In the Name of the People, BOA(NO)
2017 Then one thing led to another, Fotogalleriet (NO)
2013 Never Mine, ARTiJULI, Senja (NO)
2013 Never Mine, Kurant, Tromsø (NO)
2012 Not yet titled, Circulationcentralen, Malmø (SE)
2012 Følgene, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen (NO)
2011 One Night Only, UKS, Oslo (NO)
2011 Undertoner, Wizard Gallery, Oslo (NO)
2011 Fluktforsøk, KNIPSU Gallery, Bergen (NO)
2011 Følgene
2011 Fluktforsøk
2012 Bookpresentation, WildBookMarked, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam (NL)
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